Regions of Irafan

Regions of Irafan

1. The Irafani Heartland

Made up of central Irafan and the coast of Maelstrom Bay, this region has been dominated by the Irafani for thousands of years. It is dominated by Callon, the imperial seat and single port authorized to engage in trade by sea with other lands, and by Endovar, home of the influential merchant and craft guilds, and hub of trade by land and river between Blackthorn Forrest, the ranches, vineyards and farms of northern Irafan, and the plantations and mines of the southern cities.

2. Southern Irafan

Southern Irfan is an old and heavily populated land. It has a very Feudal structure, with old, decadent families maintaining a stranglehold on power that has seen hardly a shift in the last thousand years. Due to a distant link with the remnants of the ancient Drennish people, the people have an olive complexion an hooded eyes that set them apart from other Irafani. The southern lands are dominated by two large metropolises: Eris, home of the large southern agricultural families, and Apophis, home of the mining, logging and spice cartels.

3. Northern Irafan

The northern reaches of Irafan are mostly rural. The land was once populated by Drennish people, but the Drennish Plague was especially virulent in the north, and most of the remaining Dren abandoned the land during the period of tension between the Moriven and Mandor. The Irafani laid claim to the land after the fall of Moriven, and settlement increased considerably following the Treaty of Elgard and the Mandoran Apocalypse. Most settlements in the north are small, simple farming communities; three settlements, however, are worth mentioning. Cloverdale, the only large city in the north, is a temple city, home of the headquarters of the official pantheon worshipped by the Irafani people.Silverheath is a medium sized port town on the name of river river that has grown to support trade between Endovar and the farms, ranches, vineyards and orcahrds of the north. Finally, just east of Blackthorn Forest is a small elven trading outpost called name of outpost.

Blackthorn Forest

Balckthorn Forest is a vast wood that occupies nearly a quarter of Irafani territory. The wood is the home of most of the Fae peoples of Irafan. It exists in both Aeon and the Fae Wild, and can thus serve as a passage between the two, though most non-fae races find it confusing and are easily lost. Though it is a wild place, some measure of leadership and rule is provided by Nor-Hen, and Eladrin city in the heart of the forest.

Moriven Necropolis

Though “necropolis” implies a city of the dead, the Moriven Necropolis is actually comprised of the ruins of all of the major Moriven cities. The heart of Moriven lands has remained unsettled by the Irafani, partially due to superstition, but also because of a prevalance of necrotic energy and chronic problems with undead and other strange creatures. The cities have fallen into ruin, and the land has become a haven for bandits, fugitives and necromantic cults. One road through Moriven lands remains, passing from Fort Elgard to Silverheath; however, it is dangerous and rarely patrolled, and typically only taken by those in great haste. Most traffic and trade passes around the Necropolis towards Endovar in the east.


The eastern portion of the Irafani Empire is a sparsely populated buffer between Irafan and the Waste of Mandor. Once part of the Mandoran Empire, the Irafani seized it followint the cataclysm and placed a series of forts and lookout towers there to guard against incursions from the Waste. Most of the settlements are small Razorclaw Shifter villages, though there are also a few small human towns. Because the Irafani authorities are willing to turn the occasional blind eye in trade for peopling the marches with possible militia defenders, many of the humans settlers are outlaws, bandits or others engaged in activities forbidden or discouraged in the rest of the empire. Additionally, about half of the large halfling population that fled Mandor during the Apocalypse has settled in the human towns of the eastmarch.

Regions of Irafan

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