Doom of Irafan

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 7

Cale, Zira, Ozzy, Grimlock, and Aloric explore an underground area exposed by the explosion. Someone suggested they might find riches down there (Gorgeroth maybe? Aloric/Grimlock’s contact?).

While underneath the city in some ancient Drennish tunnels, the five encounter and defeat some bugbears. Two bugbears are captured and they gain intel about a dragon and a slaadi tadpole.

The five defeat the young green dragon but spare its life if it will help them defeat the slaadi tadpole. The green dragon agrees, but betrays them in the same moment that it accidentally kills the slaadi tadpole. The players kill the green dragon right before it can escape into a rift/tunnel leading downward. The players descend into the rift and find an amazing room with a map of all of Irafan on the ceiling. In this room are five pedestals, each with a magic item on them. Goggles, an Amulet, a Double Sword, some Boots, and a Weapon Glyph. These items are a set of sorts, all magically linked to one another, granting bonuses to each person who has one, multiplied by the number of items.



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