Doom of Irafan

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 6

Cale, Zira, Grimlock, and Aloric make their way out of the Vale and on to Cloverdale. Cale splits off from the group for a few days to do some research.

Cale’s research yields some interesting revelations about the Moriven and the Shadar-kai, and he encounters an old friend. Gorgeroth, the tiefling he briefly met weeks earlier in the inn in Silverhearth.

Cale rejoins Zira, Grimlock, and Aloric, and they have a job hunting “Shiny Ones”. This hunt leads them into the sewers of Cloverdale where the players discover the Shiny One’s hideout. They also learn of a ritual that will occur very soon. They try and warn the local militia, but due to some misscommunication and ignorance on the player’s part, they end up in the stockade. They are barely able to disrupt the ritual on the following day, which consisted of 5 shiny ones on the points of a pentagram trying to make a portal out of their own bloody deaths. “something” manages to come through the parially completed portal, but it is defeated as well. It resembled a bunch of shiny ones all mashed together into some sort of flesh golem. The ritual might have actually been a distraction however, as a large explosion rocks Cloverdale moments after their apparent victory. In the wreckage of the explosion, Ozzy’s unconscious body is found among the corpses of his captors.



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