Doom of Irafan

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 3

Cale, Zira, Ozzy, Grimlock, and Aloric meet up with a sorceress named YYY but are attacked while in one of Silverhearth’s inns by a young but large blue dragon. They defeat the wyrm.

The six gain further employ after talking to various different people in Silverhearth (a shady businessman type running spice, a local militia man, a temple cleric from Cloverdale, and a drunken elf who has lost his mind).

Something stopped up the local water supply. Turns out it was spiders. Big ones. Players win.

Something was causing the zombies to attack, its coming from the east. Players will investigate later.

Some local wizard goes crazy and went missing. Players will look for further clues in a (ZZZ) a town to the east where he was last seen. On their way to ZZZ, the players defeat highwaymen. They also defeat a pack of ghouls during one night’s sleep. One of the ghouls has a clue about the missing/crazy wizard. Seems like he might be the one causing zombies to attack the locals.



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