Doom of Irafan

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 1

Cale, Draegan, and Zira are mercenaries hired to protect a researcher on a trek into the southern reaches of the Mor Harund. Before aggressive expansion by the Aslaa, it was home to the Gornish barbarians. The job would be wrough with peril, to be certain.

The three mercenaries spoke little upon reaching the rendezvous point outside of Silverheath, only sharing their names and professions.

On the way to the inn, they defeat a group of zombies attacking some local children. A strange mist heralded the approach of the zombies.

Cale, Draegan, and Zira hire on as protection for a man named Aloragan who wanted to do an experiment somewhere near one of the great monolithic type statues that border the southern edge of the desert up north. On the way, they are caught in a terrible monsoon and while taking shelter, they defeat a wing of spire drakes who had just killed a humanoid. On the humanoid’s body, they find a journal with the word “Balshoon”. When they find the monolith/statue, coincidentally a great pulse washes over them and the monolith/statue activates. A large door opens and out steps a gigantic iron golem and a hundred fleeing kobolds. Someone/something caused the golem to attack, and XXX dies in the melee. Some kobolds attack, but are defeated.



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