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The World of Aeon

The “Doom of Irafan” campaign takes place on the world of Aeon. This is the place to find descriptions of the Irafani empire and other important places on Aeon, its people, its history, its gods, and the multiverse that surrounds it according to the lore of the people of that world.


Irafan is a large, prosperous and peaceful land populated mostly by humans. Their history as recorded by the imperial sages of Callon goes back about seven thousand years, when they arrived upon the western shore from a mysterious location beyond Maelstrom Bay. The following pages contain additional information on Irafan.

Regions of Irafan

People of Irafan

Religions of Irafan

Powerful and Influential Groups

Nearby Lands

Mor Harund – Desert land to the north, home of the Gornish barbarians and the reptilian Aslaa.

Eschoth – An ancient kingdom to the west of Mor Harund that can only be reached from Irafan by sea, or by crossing the desert.

Melingoth – A large island nation on the far side of Maelstrom Bay, populated by half elves.

Ebover – Lands to the south of the empire: the marshes of the [[Sarnathi], and beyond that, wild raindorests and jungles.

Waste of Mandor – The ruins of Mandor, the once mighty Tiefling empire. Now broken, unstable and overrun with warring hordes of terrifying creatures.

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