Doom of Irafan

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 6

Cale, Zira, Grimlock, and Aloric make their way out of the Vale and on to Cloverdale. Cale splits off from the group for a few days to do some research.

Cale’s research yields some interesting revelations about the Moriven and the Shadar-kai, and he encounters an old friend. Gorgeroth, the tiefling he briefly met weeks earlier in the inn in Silverhearth.

Cale rejoins Zira, Grimlock, and Aloric, and they have a job hunting “Shiny Ones”. This hunt leads them into the sewers of Cloverdale where the players discover the Shiny One’s hideout. They also learn of a ritual that will occur very soon. They try and warn the local militia, but due to some misscommunication and ignorance on the player’s part, they end up in the stockade. They are barely able to disrupt the ritual on the following day, which consisted of 5 shiny ones on the points of a pentagram trying to make a portal out of their own bloody deaths. “something” manages to come through the parially completed portal, but it is defeated as well. It resembled a bunch of shiny ones all mashed together into some sort of flesh golem. The ritual might have actually been a distraction however, as a large explosion rocks Cloverdale moments after their apparent victory. In the wreckage of the explosion, Ozzy’s unconscious body is found among the corpses of his captors.

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 5

Cale, Zira, and Grimlock, having rested, notice a big zombie and some more zombie guard dogs come out through the front doors of the keep. The patrol notices the bodies left by our heroes. Making their way into the fort through their secret entrance, they encounter some more zombies inside.

Aloric rejoins the group having tracked the ghouls from days earlier back here. His first bowshot upon returning is a natural 20 which crit/kills a zombie in 1 shot. Aloric explaines that Ozzy was kidnapped by cloaked/robed figures who spirited away with him.

Cale, Zira, Grimlock, and Aloric continue through the fort discovering it was once Moriven. They also find the first clue that suggests the Moriven might have actually been Shadar-kai. The crazy wizard they were tracking actually failed to summon a perfectly working “Ordith” and the group manages to defeat the “flawed Ordith” with a lucky natural 20 from Zira. A young girl is rescued from the fort.

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 4

Cale, Zira, Ozzy, Grimlock, and Aloric decide to split up. Aloric and Ozzy track the ghouls that attacked during the night. Cale, Zira, and Grimlock continue to ZZZ before heading into the Vale of Tears to the south, as that might be where the crazy wizard they’re looking for is also creating zombies. Two jobs at once (see Chapter 3).

Cale, Zira, and Grimlock arrive in ZZZ and turns out the ghouls that attacked them last night had attacked ZZZ as well. The players resupply and head into the Vale of Tears.

In the Vale, they encounter a group of wights and are almost defeated. The Raven Queen spares Zira with a blessing (as she makes her first death save, she gets a natural 20, spends a healing surge, and finishes off the final wight… saving the group).

Cale, Zira, and Grimlock rest up, and continue on, locating an old fort. They defeat some flaming undead skeletons in the rear towers. They defeat some zombie dogs and flying zombie gargoyles in the courtyard. They make their way onto the upper story of the old fort which was partially destroyed, and find a secret way inside through a covered/boarded up stairwell. They decide to rest before continuing inside.

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 3

Cale, Zira, Ozzy, Grimlock, and Aloric meet up with a sorceress named YYY but are attacked while in one of Silverhearth’s inns by a young but large blue dragon. They defeat the wyrm.

The six gain further employ after talking to various different people in Silverhearth (a shady businessman type running spice, a local militia man, a temple cleric from Cloverdale, and a drunken elf who has lost his mind).

Something stopped up the local water supply. Turns out it was spiders. Big ones. Players win.

Something was causing the zombies to attack, its coming from the east. Players will investigate later.

Some local wizard goes crazy and went missing. Players will look for further clues in a (ZZZ) a town to the east where he was last seen. On their way to ZZZ, the players defeat highwaymen. They also defeat a pack of ghouls during one night’s sleep. One of the ghouls has a clue about the missing/crazy wizard. Seems like he might be the one causing zombies to attack the locals.

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 2

Cale, Draegan, and Zira flee the area and the golem switches to a defensive stance near the doorway to the monolith/statue. While they try and determine what to do next, sand scorpions burst from the desert floor and Azazel (Ozzy) happens along them and comes to their aid. During the battle, the sand scorpions fell Draegan. Cale, Ozzy, and Zira escape.

Cale, Ozzy, and Zira encounter Grimlock and Aloric on their way back south. After a brief encounter with barbarian refugees from the north, the five escape a bloody encounter with lizardmen slavers.

The five return to Silverhearth looking for work.

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 1

Cale, Draegan, and Zira are mercenaries hired to protect a researcher on a trek into the southern reaches of the Mor Harund. Before aggressive expansion by the Aslaa, it was home to the Gornish barbarians. The job would be wrough with peril, to be certain.

The three mercenaries spoke little upon reaching the rendezvous point outside of Silverheath, only sharing their names and professions.

On the way to the inn, they defeat a group of zombies attacking some local children. A strange mist heralded the approach of the zombies.

Cale, Draegan, and Zira hire on as protection for a man named Aloragan who wanted to do an experiment somewhere near one of the great monolithic type statues that border the southern edge of the desert up north. On the way, they are caught in a terrible monsoon and while taking shelter, they defeat a wing of spire drakes who had just killed a humanoid. On the humanoid’s body, they find a journal with the word “Balshoon”. When they find the monolith/statue, coincidentally a great pulse washes over them and the monolith/statue activates. A large door opens and out steps a gigantic iron golem and a hundred fleeing kobolds. Someone/something caused the golem to attack, and XXX dies in the melee. Some kobolds attack, but are defeated.


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