Doom of Irafan

The Road to Callon (with a detour to the Elemental Chaos)

Left Illuven. In Silverheath, a lot more guards. Shiny new armor, odd new insignia. According to Gabriel, he recognized it as the symbol of Irafani empire prior to the treaty of Elgaard. Mayor’s house, was a nice house before, being torn down and replaced with a giant mansion now. Very gaudy. Completely out of place. Gabriel thinks someone’s been lining the Mayor’s pockets with a LOT more gold. Z’yra and I getting wierd looks. Almost xenophobic. Lusitania and Gabriel not so much, possibly because they’re human and we aren’t.

Gabriel sneaks off to meet up with a contact, we’ll meet up at the Portly Pear Inn later.

Z’yra, Grimlock and Cale went to find the reave to cash in on the reward from saving Iluven.

Reaves have been kept from the town. Only can police the rural areas.

Went to the Portly Pear, wierd mage freaking out. Ended up fleeing the inn, headed north to the burnt down field of silver poppies that Silverheath got its name for. Noticed a wierd headstone type thing had come out of the ground here, similarly to the one we saw at Iluven yesterday during the battle with the bane ghouls.

Crazy mage started summoning hell hounds. First 1, then 3. Fired beams of white light into the sky, that answered with return beams which created red, spherical portals that spat out hell hounds.

Third sphere was blue, and actual demons came out. Barlgura. 3 of em.

Ocurred to us, better take out this nutjob before we get overrun by summoned creatures. We converge, and take him down. The last, blue portal, contracts, expands, and stabalizes. Nothing else comes out, but this looks like a stable portal now.

Random things seem to be happening in the area. Waves of energy washing over random people. One time Cale felt it, and a hell hound yelped. Another time Cale felt it, but nothing else out of the ordinary happened. One time Lusitania felt it and nothing else out of the ordinary happened.

Eventually these bursts of chaos started helping the group, granting speed, alacrity, strength, divine infusion, etc.

During the battle, one of the Barlgura’s ran off to Silverheath, but we were so engaged we couldn’t persue. Most of us figured the town’s guard could take care of it. We finished off all the demons and hell hounds, but not before the Balgura came back from Silverheath with a small child in its hands. We made our best attempt to stop it, but it dissappeared through the portal. Grimlock and Z’yra followed it through, despite Cale’s attempts to stop and talk about the wisdom of chasing a demon through a summoning portal… and a chaotic one at that.

But Grimlock and Z’yra went through anyway, so Cale had to follow his companions.

On the other side, they chased the demons to a ritual sacrifice area, defeated the, outran the waterfall before it hit the lava, and made it back through the portal before it winked shut.



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