Doom of Irafan

Report on the Illuven Monastery

The young page stood quietly outside the thick oaken door, idly staring at the well polished floor awaiting his lords’ permission to enter the study. He sighed inwardly as he remembered being told by Master Lynn that Lord Silverhawk needed these reports post haste and not to dawdle or there would be no supper for him this eve! He was however free until tomorrow morning after he had delivered these messages. So he had practically raced through the castle halls, hoping to have most of the rest of the afternoon to himself, only to be forced to wait for what seemed like forever outside his Lords study.

Just as he was about the ask the two hulking guards who waited outside with him (for the tenth time), how much longer did they think the wait would be, the door opened and a servant carrying away the remains of a meal exited nodding to the guards to allow the boy inside…

As Silverhawk took the missives from the boy he immediately noticed Lynn’s secret mark, indicating there was important information that could not be trusted to be delivered through the normal channels to report. He frowned in thought wondering what could be so urgent before noticing the effect his frown was having upon the young page. He quickly changed his frown to a smile and gently tousled the boy’s hair and led him back to the door.

“Off with you now young sir, I am sure there are some adventures yet left to you this day before the sun sets are there not?”, and laughed as the lad all but raced down the hall to freedom and afternoons worth of adventure.

He returned to his study locking the door behind him and leaving his guards with strict instructions that nothing was to disturb him unless the Emperor himself came calling. He then proceeded over to his book shelf pressing a hidden stud on the wall nearby causing it to swivel backwards into a short hallway with a stair case leading down…

Lynn paced back and forth within the secret meeting chamber waiting impatiently for his Lords arrival. After a few moments he forced himself to calm down and once again review the information report that had been delivered to him from one of his field agents…

“My Lords, I hope this message reaches you quickly for events are transpiring that I fear may threaten the safety of the Empire itself. Recently I have found that the rumors of Bane-outbreaks occurring throughout the country-side are no mere rumors, but are indeed a truth most foul. Rumors of these outbreaks led me to Illuven where I found the entire village being transformed into ravening Bane creatures. Mad with rage these creatures were, but directionless they were not.

As my superiors surely know the Illuven Monastery is the residence of the Benfeglin monks. Their holdings contain a treasure trove of knowledge and magical artifacts such as a certain mysterious crystal that was the very target of the Bane assault (the Bane creatures threw themselves mindlessly upon the crystal in what seemed an attempt to corrupt its very nature). Fortunately the crystal seemed to posses heavy magical defenses and more importantly during my travels I have recently joined with a party of adventurers who seem to be questing to stop the Bane. Together we were able to prevent the monastery from being overrun though the loss of life to the Banes claws was too high by far. I should note here that one of my companions do be of the noble Goliath, who come in times of trouble.

Through research I was able to ascertain that the crystal is thought by the monks to be linked to the Fae Gods themselves, The Anahone. I humbly suggest that some sort of help be sent to protect the monastery from any further depredations, whoever is behind the Bane cannot be allowed to corrupt this powerful crystal.

There was one other odd occurrence I should note here. After the battle with the Bane a strange and mysterious standing stone rose from the very earth radiating the magic’s of arcane, divine and primal simultaneously. There was also strange script written across its surface. It was explained to us by the learned monks, that this script is reminiscent of similar writings that were found on the docks in Callon when the Irifani first appeared on the continent. It seems to share similarities with the scripts used by the ancient race of Sarnathi Half-Orcs.

The group of adventurers I have decided to join with (important events seem to be swirling about them) have decided to next head to Silverheath. I will continue to send further reports as I can.

Your loyal servant, G

…As Lynn pondered the information over and over he heard the heavy confident footsteps of his Lord approaching from outside the hidden study. Lord Silverhawk would not be pleased to hear of these events, not at all…



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