Doom of Irafan

Pretty Ladies

Though numerous the humans were neither strong of limb nor strong of mind, and other then a large werewolf they had released in a mindless fury on the party had quickly fallen to a few well placed sword thrusts, thrown daggers, mighty crushing blows or flung spells. Of deeper concern was the symbols they all wore…the same symbols as warn by the guards now in charge of Silverheath. Just how has this group spread so far so fast?

The werewolf too fell to before mighty and well-placed blows but not before biting deeply into the shoulder of Lusitania. We will have to watch her closely to make sure the deadly disease of Lycanthropy was not transferred to her, fortunately Z’yra the Priestess of the Raven Queen knows a thing or two about treating diseases.

Deep within the encampment of the humans the party had run across a maiden most passing fair locked behind a very heavy door. By looking through the keyhole it seemed she was praying before an altar to Journe, god of peace, justice, weather and craftsmanship. As if a beautiful woman in obvious distress was not reason enough to enter the room, Vyrellis said she sensed another of her memory fragments within.

Beautiful beyond description this fair maid was, but upon talking with her, the story she spun of her plight was filled with gaps one could drive a cart and pack horse through. Something was up, and when confronted she refused to budge from her story false though it obviously was. What was not a lie was her inability to escape from this room due to demonic guardians that appeared whenever one would attempt to open the doors and leave. Cale attempted the locks and given time I believe he would have succeeded but after dispatching the guardians a few times Grimlock took a more active approach and battered the door down, and amazingly enough that solved the problem…no more guardians.

Her deception no longer needed the gorgeous beauty began to tell us how thankful she was for our help and transformed into a bat winged but still lovely Succubus before our very eyes. Before she could finish what she was saying Z’yra grabbed the demoness in a bear-hug, which made it all the more easy for her to fall prey to her demonic kiss. Though this kiss of a devil we are told is to be feared, I admit that I almost felt jealous that it was not I receiving the passionate kiss from the lovely seductive temptress.

At first it was feared a battle would ensue, but with the aggressive Z’yra now calmed with but a kiss, the Succubus continued her speech. Thanking us for her freedom and telling us should we meet again she owed us one. With that and a wink she was gone from our sight, teleporting from our vision and leaving a stunned but returned to normal Z’yra looking around in confusion.

Within the room of the devil woman the next memory shard was found and given to Vyrellis, with her me memories returning to her (never at a useful time for us I have noticed…foul play or unfortunate occurrence?) it appears she is half-human and half-Shadar Kai, and was in a position of power. The Shadar Kai having once lived in the realms of Aeon long ago…are the Shadar Kai simply an offshoot of the human race?

The pyramid itself is a prison created by the voice I had heard earlier, Kravikos, to bind within it hall his enemies for torture and experimentation. He was a wizard of great power and her husband, Vyrellis told us with contempt in her voice for him. He was the High Priest of the Morivan Empire which collapsed over 600 years ago. Then he had tried to ritually kill her when she found he had been breaking the laws of the Raven Queen. This had led to her head no longer being attached to her body, which she also senses somewhere within the confines of this prison. She also informed us that time worked differently inside the pyramid then without and sleep was possible but not needed, nor easy considering the ever present lights that shone everywhere within it.

Armed with that information we continued on towards where she sensed the next fragment of her memory lay. On the way we encountered a room full of bones and large rats which were quickly dispatched and then found ourselves within a very large and well stocked library.

Within the center of the library on a small plot of grass was a statue of a woman fair in both form and face…the face of Vyrellis. She seemed quite upset at seeing it, finding it creepy that her hated “husband” had this created after her dismemberment and torture. I immediately felt some sympathy for this woman despite her unusually sharp wits and tongue.

Z’yra and I decided to take a quick look at the books within the library and found it odd that many of the pages were blanked as if wiped clean, yet many other sections of the books remained filled with print. Something had been done to these books. Further inspection was interrupted as the party found itself assaulted by a large group of humanoid mantis creatures. Fast, skilled and agile though they were…they too proved no match for our blades. Though they did bloody us, their bodies littered the floor at the end of the fray.

A quick search did reveal some useful rituals Z’yra and I could use to aid the party. After which we all admitted to feeling greatly tired, and as we settled down for a much needed rest, I wondered what next we will find within this trap of Kravikos’?



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