Doom of Irafan

Grimlock's Letter to Engist, Reave of Silverheath


I would hope you know myself, and my companions well enough to know what you are going to hear about us concerning the events of this night are untrue. Out of the mayor’s own mouth he told us that we are to be framed. The only conclusion I can come up with as to why is because it is the mage he hired, for whatever he hired him to do, is the true cause of the trouble. In fact, the mayor offered us a healthy reward for stopping the mage this evening, myself, Cale, and Zyra declined. We don’t want to have anything to do with a man so obviously “dirty”. Matter of fact, if you have anywhere else to go, I would suggest you leave as well. It is known that you have had dealings with us, and I would not like to think you’ve suffered any repercussions because of this.

As far as the true record of the events of last night, I won’t go into great detail. After speaking with you we went to the Portly Pear to wait for our newest companions, Gabriel, and Lusitania. Upon arrival into the Inn, we noted the mage sitting in a corner off to himself. Gabriel found out he was hired by the mayor, though the purpose was unknown, from the barkeep. This man reeked of power. He didn’t look well either, feverish, troubled, we couldn’t tell. Zyra approached him, and he started speaking nonsense. He was approached by one of the guards,who was attempting to ease the town’s farmers fears about the barbarian “invasion”. This mage went wild, and threw a table onto the guard, knocking him immediately unconscious, then ran out of the inn. We gave chase, and he slowed upon reaching the field north of the city. Where the strange glowing flowers used to be. He seemed to fear the woods beyond though…strange. He then started casting these beams into the sky, which would turn back, and strike the ground opening portals in which demons burst forth. Later during conversation with my companions it was deemed that this feat of opening portals should not have been possible, no matter how powerful the person doing the casting. After making sure we had a sufficient number of demons summoned to keep us interested in the fight, we made our move and I knocked the mage unconscious. We then set ourselves to the task of slaying the demons, four hellhounds, and three barl’guras. During the fight one of the Barl’guras cowardly ran from the fight, and went into the town. He later returned with a child he kidnapped and made a run for the still open portal. Another long story short, my companions and I ran into the portal, which ended up being in the chaos realm, we suspect, defeated the barl’gura, and more of his demon allies, rescued the child, and made our way back through the portal.

It was upon our return that the mayor made his intentions to blame us known. I don’t know how much you may have heard about the dangerous political games being played concerning the next rightful heir to the throne, but know this, the mayor is nothing more than a pawn. It appears he has allied himself with the prince, who is trying to take the crown for himself. I do not pretend to know the way humans think, but I personally believe, what this prince is attempting is dishonorable.

As far as the mage is concerned, I’m privy to taking him with us, to attempt to find out what he was hired by the mayor for. Also why this man is so powerful, and why he can conjure magic that is not supposed to be possible. I have another, more selfish reason for taking him with us. If he is able to come out of his malaise, as I suspect he might,(he seemed to be showing signs of this during his rabid casting, I think this may be due to expelling that much power)he could be a powerful ally. Cale is not a fan of this idea.

I sincerely hope you take my earlier advice of leaving this town. As far as our plans, we head south. No specific destination, just south.

Be Well, 



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