Doom of Irafan

Doom of Irafan - Chapter 11

Cale’s Journal

Day 2 of the search for the Cleric of the Black Flame

Back at the Tower of Daimon. Yesterday’s encounter with the hags was interesting. According to Aloric, such creatures hoard treasure, but they had none. In fact, it was like they just moved into the area. I didn’t realize they were Fae at first, but apparently they are. First our encounter with a the Fae Wild eladrin patrol, then an encounter with hags on the run. I wonder if the two are linked somehow.

  • Mention this to the monks in Iluven.

After breaking camp, recovered from our encounter with the hags, set about the town. Came across an old building that showed signs of recent activity. Excavations of sorts were going on judging by evidence outside. Rattled by the hags, we were extra cautious this morning. Scouting ended up with Aloric and Fennor (Ninja) being ambushed by hellish hyenas.

Nasty things, these hyenas. Acid dripping form their maws, and quick. Turns out their blood was acidic too. Once bloodied, they shook violently, spraying anyone near with the burning stuff. Two more came in response to their pack’s calls, but they ran once they realized they couldn’t win.

It was surprising that our scuffle with the hyenas didn’t catch the attention of anyone inside excavation site. Later learned everyone inside was in the midst of some kind of ritual to sacrifice our Cleric of the Black Flame in order to summon Leviathan.

We discovered this relatively quickly in our search of the site. A pair of cultists remaind behind in some makeshift barracks, but the bulk of the cult was in their temple, preparing to sacrifice the Cleric we came to find.

Subtlety wasn’t an option. Grimlock and I quickly came to an agreement that we would charge, Aloric and Zyra doing their best to support us with ranged attacks. Fennor charged with us.

Effective strategy at first. In their surprise and dissarray, three things happened:

1) Grimlock was able to thunderstep right next to the cult leader and prevent him from dealing the sacrificial death blow

2) Fennor was able to decimate the throng of lesser cultists with his carpet of black flame

3) Aloric and Zyra set up in the doorway, blocking the exit and in a good support position for ranged attacks

With the throng pacified, a quartet of honor guards and the cult leader remained.

Focused on harrassing them long enough for Grimlock to finish off the cult leader. He did, but not before he was able to spring some kind of sleeping gas trap.

A stone slab fell across the doorway and the room was flooded in gas that affected everyone but the two of the honor guards that were not human. These two Tieflings must have waded through the gas unaffected, subdue us and lock us all up in makeshift prisons.

Turns out that Aloric made it out of the room.

Woke to the sounds of battle.

Aloric managed to force his way back into the room which allowed the gas to start to dissappate. Got my wits about me in time to see Aloric kill one Tiefling and scare off the other. The human honor guards had come to as well, but he managed to bind them before they could put up a fight.

No treasure. Had high hopes for a place in the Moriven Empire, but nothing.

In our search, found a secret door underneath the altar which lead to a strange chamber. This was apparently the source of some primal magic disturbance that Aloric and Grimlock had been sensing ever since we got into the area. After descending along a spiral corridor for nearly 30 minutes, we came across a contraption that was apparently designed to make some kind of corrupted primal substance.

It did this by siphoning primal energy out of the earth, and somehow infusing it with the blood/essence of a vampire imprisoned within. These two substances were mixed into something… we’re not sure what. Whatever this device did, it did not sit well with Grimlock, who destroyed it as if it were some kind of affront to his existence.

  • Remember to mention this to the monks back at Iluven, or possibly send word to Gorgeroth in Cloverdale. Perhaps they can make a more educated guess as to what this thing was.



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