Doom of Irafan

Carniverous Vegetables

I am beginning to think that this Prison of a Pyramid is just one plant filled death trap after another. Just when we thought we were all done with this nasty little plant creatures we ran into their “bosses”, even bigger and nastier plant creatures. It started after the first serious rest we decided to take since entering this place. Though for us it has yet to be a day, as Cael has commented time does not seem to flow the same within this structure…who knows if when we break free of this prison if we will even be returning to our own time and place? Cael scouted the edges of the areas on this level of the pyramid we had not yet been too and found 2 sets of closed doorways. One was a ways down these strangely lit corridors and another close by. Someone made a comment about feeling a bit lazy wanting to take the closer door (And why not? It is not like we wouldn’t get some exercise fighting the next batch of monstrosities within this place). AT the end of the passage we decided to take stood a large wooden (and actually unlocked) door. We spied through the keyhole and saw a square room that sloped downwards towards the center of the room from its four edges…slid down into some strange looking plants. Yes yes…they turned out to be blood sucking monstrosities that wanted to feast on our bone and flesh. There was a Satyr in the room as well…but he turned out to be little more than target practice for the thrown daggers of Cael. Also in the room were a few of the tree druids that tried to ambush is earlier…all but one was quickly dealt with and Lusitania and I tried to prevent one from escaping into the next room. Unfortunately we failed and a large tree with a very ugly face and the strength to rip other trees out of the ground and toss them like twigs followed us back into the other room just as Grimlock finished off the last of the blood sucking trees bashing it into kindling with his massive hammer. At first it seemed like we would be overwhelmed as since we were already tired from our fight with the trees in the square room and this one looked to be even worse as the giant tree was joined by another plant creature that was healing many of the wounds we dealt them. But we all dug in…Cael darted about dagger flashing here and there leaving great rents in the bark-skinned creatures. Grimlock lay about with powerful blows shattering his foes into literal splinters. Z’yra summoned a wall of light down upon us making our blows strike harder and truer, and deflecting many of our enemies counter attacks. Lusitania and I focused our skills on the large tree that had followed us (a Roper?). Her blades slashed wildly about literally whittling pieces from the creature as it screamed in pain, while the harsh sounds from my song blade reverberated painfully through its system. And then it was over…we stood weary, tired, bloody but victorious. What was our reward, the spoils of victory? A rather unremarkable Longbow that Lusitania decided it was time she started using. During the battle she took some risk to retrieve it from the slain Satyr (sadly it was un-enchanted)…I don’t have the heart to tell her we have a few long bows already in our bag of holding. We also found an enchanted shield clearly crafted for a mightily armored warrior, the enchantment allows one to protect others from harm by transferring their wounds upon themselves…since I am the only one who uses a shield this was passed to me…I must say I am not looking forward the lumps this thing will surely bring me in the future.



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