Doom of Irafan

Cale's Journal - Road to Callon

I’m writing again because the influence of Aeon (or the lack of influence of the Shadowfell) has affected my judgment once again. We’re out of the pyramid (* note to fill in the blanks here later, maybe once we get to Fort Elgard) and on the Moriven road headed southwest to Fort Elgard. We just left a small town, Ronian, one of many that dot the Moriven Road as we get closer to Fort Elgard. We are headed to Elgard in hopes of finding a guild mage there who can transport us via portal to Callon, otherwise it will be a month or more before we reach the capital. I’m writing this because of what happened in Ronian, this town that would have otherwise been considered insignificant.

The leader of this town, Mayor, proprietor of the only inn, captain of the guard… whatever title he had isn’t important… what was interesting was that he was keeping a half-elven female in his cellar as a slave. Apparently she was sold to him years ago via some Aslaa slavers. Why there would be ties between a small town and the Aslaa empire is extremely interesting, but not out of place with all the other strange occurrences that have been plaguing Irafan in the last year.

The Mayor was also believed to have met with three illithid who have been hunting Lucan. I cannot confirm this myself, but the fact that he was in the same room with these illithid that were supposedly hunting him… and that they didn’t notice him with his new disguise… is somewhat promising. Maybe we’ll make it to Callon after all. This small town Mayor is obviously connected to some seriously evil shit however.

We got a portal from Fort Elgard to Callon. Twenty gold per person. Not bad. Vyrellis sees a lot of potential in Callon. Big city. Lot of business opportunities for people with our… skills. We’re going to take the Seekers to the next level.

Vyrellis found us a sponsor. We have funds to build a guild hall. Nothing too big with what the sponsor is fronting, but it will be enough to set up shop and get this mercenary troupe venture underway. Looks like we might have a couple jobs lined up too. Meeting with Vyrellis later to talk details.

Three jobs:
1. Pays twenty thousand gold. Stop whatever is coming out of Melingoth.
2. Pays twenty thousand gold. Stop the “plague” in Apophis.
3. Pays a half million gold per artifact. Find five artifacts. Could mean extraplanar travel.

We can’t decide which job to do. Vyrellis has a way to magically contact the client for item #3. The other two are far more straightforward to sign up for.

Z’yra is missing. Its not unusual for her to wander off, but it has been several days. Captain Moroes, one of the many district captains of Callon dropped some news to Vyrellis about some shifters and sarnathi that are turning up missing all over Callon. We met with him, and he explained that he has been ordered to stop looking into them, but he’s concerned. He gave us two contacts who might have additional information. One is a seer, an unreputable one, and the other is a street-rat, a boy who saw something in the third ward. The boy apparently indicated a warehouse where the missing persons are being held. We’ll stop by the seer and the boy on the way to the warehouse, hopefully find out more about what’s going on.

The seer seems legit. He must be new to the area, because they don’t seem to be established, but we’ll see later if his information was good.

The street-rat is likely dead. Samyaza, the merc rogue Vyrellis hired, found where the kid “lives”. But there were several dead children’s bodies, and an old monk who checked up on them suggested an armored man he ran into might have been responsible. The man was seen heading east. That’s the direction we were headed next… to the warehouse.

The warehouse was the location of several kidnapped shifters and sarnathi. We eliminated the kidnappers. Several humans lead by an illithid. The only prisoner that was lucid was a sarnathi who explained the illithid was stripping their minds to gain information about old legends of Irafan. He said he saw Z’yra, but that she was no longer here. He has no idea where she is.

We found a map with a location of the “geographic center” of Irafan indicated on it. That’s the same location we saw months ago in the mural… the one on the ceiling of the ancient catacombs under Cloverdale. There’s also a ledger, and shipping orders to move quartz and other materials purchased in Callon to the location marked on the map. Someone is building something at this point, this nexus, this… whatever this place is where fingers all over Irafan are pointing.

This sarnathi we rescued must be either lucky, or exceptional in some way. Why he was the only lucid kidnap victim is curious.



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