Doom of Irafan

Cale's Journal - Illithid Soul Drill

Infection. We came across a town close by our destination that was infected similarly to the cities to the south. By reports from the villagers, they were possessed with some kind of malaise that slew some immediately upon the onset, but left others alive. Those who survived suffered memory loss, fatigue and skin discoloration. We learned that recently a mage named Fistandauntilas came through and attempted to cure them. When he failed, he left without a word. Our questioning eventually agitated the town’s council, and the villagers attacked us en-masse. Gabriel thinks they were possessed by some powerful being that was angered at being imprisoned. We escaped the village, only having to slay a few. I do not fear retribution, as they will probably forget who killed them later anyway.

We came upon an illithid encampment, where they were building some sort of device. It looked like a giant drill. It was a metal frame, with a glowing sphere atop it, and housed a gigantic quartz crystal suspended spinning within. Along the perimeter was a ring of eggs, each housing either a sarnathi, shifter, or in one case, a silver skinned humanoid that Gabriel was extremely interested in.

We destroyed a trio of illithid, two lesser, one greater. A horde of villagers arrived and attempted to destroy the drill. Before we slew the greater illithid, it, and a dozen or so human thralls, attempted to protect the drill from them.

What happened next was amazing…



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