Doom of Irafan

Cale's Journal - "Flashback: Callon"

Day 7 – It’s been an exhausting week in Callon. I have been everywhere asking about Dahlia. No luck. I did find an interesting clue about another denizen of the Shadowfell who is here in Callon. Its not Dahlia, but maybe this “Malaki” has ways to help looking into her whereabouts.

Day 9 – I remember why I miss the Shadowfell. There is power in the cold, dark corners of my home plane that I had forgotten about. The warmth here, even in winter, has been changing me over time, and the camaraderie with my friends had begun to lower my guard. Malaki changed that. The assassin is actually a shade. An undead shadow of his former self. This would infuriate the Raven Queen, to take such liberty with the gifts she gives her children… but there is power in it, and I believe that if you can keep it from consuming your soul, it would be incredibly useful. I would never go as far as Malaki, but if I can convince him to teach me the secret of his art, maybe I can control it better.

Day 10 – Malaki has agreed to teach me his art. This instruction comes with a price. In return for all my wealth (almost 12,000 gold pieces worth of coin and gems), and proof of my abilities, he will show me how to actually control the boundary between planes and pull shadowstuff through to use as I see fit. The proof is in the form of a mission. I must sneak into Callon’s palace, obtain the signet ring of the duke and return it to Malaki as a testament to my skills. This, he says, will prove I am one with the shadow and ready for his instruction.

Day 14 – I passed Malaki’s test. It has taken me four days of casing the Palace, learning the routines of the guards, and waiting for the right moment to infiltrate the grounds. I was lucky that the Maelstrom sent some thick cloud cover last night, else I would have had to wait another two weeks until the moon had waned to a
sliver. It really was not as difficult as I would have guessed, based on Malaki’s challenge, but it matters not. I have passed his test, and he has agreed to teach me the ways of the Shadowblade.

Day 21 – So weak… I almost went too far. Tonight I tore into a nexus of pure shadow and it spilled out into this plane with the force of a tidal wave. I can still hear Malaki laughing from the next room. He insists on teaching me in ways that are extremely dangerous, claiming that it is the only way to learn to fully control the umbra. This last week has been exhilarating and deadly. Tonight was the closest I had come to death however. I think I am getting the hang of it. I have neglected my journal for this last week, but it was worth it.

Day 22 – I am done. For now. I have mastered the ability to darken an area of even the brightest light. Its the first step taken on the path of the Shadowblade. Malaki has rewarded me with a cloak and armor infused with the shadow I spilled into the room last night. While his laughter seemed cruel at the time, he was actually able to benefit from my mistake and contain some of the stuff for use in fashioning these magic items. The items are able to perform a more minor form of this new ability I have been learning to wield. They too can darken an area of even the brightest light. These items, when combined with my new ability, can take a sunny day, and convert a small pocket into the blackest night. In addition, since I am the creator of this darkness, I can see clearly while within it. This is what I have desired ever since walking along side the knight of Daimon all those months ago. His aura of shadow… so delicious.



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