Doom of Irafan

Cale's Journal - Day 16

Day 16 – In a pocket dimension inside a small pyramid.

Need a good way to track time while in this pyramid. The urge to sleep is lessened here. Some kind of preservation magic that keeps this place “alive” has allowed us to go longer than we otherwise would. Fatigue from combat is still normal, but normal cycles aren’t going to be a reliable way to measure days.

I write this because we decided not to rest after all. There were a couple sets of doors we didn’t want to have to constantly watch, so we checked them out before resting.

Oh! One of them had a succubus!


Dahlia would be jealous. We’ve always talked about them, but I came >< this close to being kissed by one and didn’t even realize it. How exhilirating. Instead, she kissed Z’yra then dissappeared. I imagine we’ll have to deal with her later. Unlikely she was able to leave this prison on her own.

It was a temple of sorts that we found the succubus in. She did a terrible job of pretending to be some lost and wayward lass, as both Gabriel and Z’yra smelled her lies right from the start. Impressive really, that they weren’t fooled, even by a demon bred for deception. In a secret chamber at the back of the temple, a chest contained the second shard of our guide’s memories. Only one remains, and she says its somewhere to the north.

The other set of doors wasn’t as exciting. A room with statues, one of them was enchanted somehow to direct us to the succubus locked in the temple. Odd. This might be a piece of a mystery that will be solved later, for now I’m logging it so I don’t forget about it.

However, we did run into the rest of the human expedition. Their leader, Garrosh, had a nice suit of armor… Dwarven Chainmail. Rare stuff in this world, from what I understand. Dwarves are not common on this world “Aeon”.

They also had a “pet”. One of their men had lycanthropy and was suffering as a converted werewolf.


They released it before we could finish them all off, an obvious last ditch effort to defeat us. We felled the beast, but at a cost. Lusitania has been bitten, and Z’yra thinks she’s doomed to become a werewolf. I think the ranger should embrace the gift, but apparently it can cause insanity, so it might not be worth it. Time shall tell. For now they will attempt to treat the disease and cure it.

We will actually be taking that rest now, as the battle with the werewolf took its toll on us. Also, we believe we have cleared this entire section of the pyramid, with only the lizardmen remaining. We had contacted them again and our truce still seems to be in place. So with them as sentries of sorts, we think we now have a good base of operations for clearing the rest of this place.

Our guide has mentioned that her captor, the mage who created this prison, may be her husband. And he may be fragmented similarly to the way she was. She senses him in three places… which mirrors the three fragments of her memories we have been collecting.



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