Doom of Irafan

Cale's Journal

Day 14 in the Morivan Necropolis

I think I might have found Dahlia. After two weeks in the Moriven Necropolis, we were not only subjected to our first ambush, but it bore actual fruit: the location of another Shadar-kai. And a female, at that. It has to be Dahlia. I only have a brief moment as we rest. As soon as nightfall comes I will be scouting an excavation by the Cult of Orcus.

On one hand I hope its not Dahlia. If they managed to capture her, they must be powerful indeed. Though… those who actually captured her were dispatched by the Cult somehow. Something about a small pyramid. Even more reason to be wary.

On the other hand, if its her, my quest might finally be complete. I actually haven’t thought about what to do next. So far its been the hunt that has driven me onward. I can’t contain my excitement. Writing this only heightens my anticipation of discovering if its actually her or not. I think I shall go sharpen my blades.

. . .

Day 15 – In a pocket dimension inside a small pyramid.

Seeing Dahlia was brief, but exhilirating. I hope she’s actually carrying me around right now, assuming that we’re actually inside the Pyramid she pilfered from the Cult of Orcus. Gabriel said he heard voices the moment before we were teleported inside this pocket dimension, and we met opposition almost immediately upon entry.

A two-headed giant and a pair of large, centipede-like creatures. Lusitania referred to them as an ettin and carrion crawlers. They were dispatched with success, though Grimlock took some big hits and used up Z’yra’s biggest magical heal.

Our prize for victory is an annoying, disembodied head in some kind of spherical statis. It appears to be Shadar-kai, though her ears suggest elven blood. She’s seeking fragments of her memory that she thinks are scattered within the labyrinth that is this place. A maze. Reminds me of the time I was in Sigil. I wonder…

More on that line of thinking later. I need to rest. Keeping this brief.

We cleverly avoided a confrontation with some lizardfolk, and a water-filled chamber with some devious pipe-type traps. I’m glad we didn’t have to fight them, though I imagine we’ll have to deal with them sooner or later. In a chamber by the lizardfolk was one piece of the head’s memory. It was encased in a gem… a moonstone. Touching the gem to the sphere allowed her to absorb this portion of her memory. She believes even more strongly now that a man, his name eludes me, has imprisoned her (and all of us) here. Why, we still don’t know.

I think we just dispatched five humans that may have been the ones responsible for Dahlia’s capture. I’m still a little fuzzy on exactly how they fit into all this. Something about the last day’s events is unclear in my head. Possibly fatigue. Possibly something else. I think its perhaps that I’m overwhealmed with thoughts of Dahlia after seeing her. My feelings for her were different, after being on Aeon for the better half of a year. I wonder if she’s been experiencing the same euphoria.

I will dwell on this more tomorrow. For now… I think I need some rest.



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