Doom of Irafan

Arthropoda Insecta's and Plants oh my!

After a good rest we continued on and out of the room with the statue of Vyrellis thinking we had left the mantis creatures behind. Beyond we encountered another room full of the mantis warriors, past a curtain and down a hidden passageway.

These creatures attacked not only with weapons but with their minds as well, causing blistering mental pain with each of their attacks. This new group proved to be quite a bit more capable then the previous one, perhaps due to being led by a grey cloaked magician wielding a staff of arcane power. Z’yra found herself completely engulfed in some magical trap as well and her divine might was denied to us during battle.

Though much better organized and backed with traps, psychic and magical aide they nonetheless quickly fell to our steel. We searched the rooms of our fallen foes and discovered three things of interest.

The first was quite a lot of loot both magical and monetary. Secondly a riddle carven into some pillars beneath a dome…The Key of Knowledge shines beneath a holy dome. Metal Key adamantine, first in hardness but not in place. On the body of the wizard beneath the dome we found a key, which we think at this time to be “The Key of Knowledge”. Third and most shockingly as we searched the spell users body Vyrellis exclaimed in excitement. “Kravikos! This man was Kravikos…or at least a part of him. I could feel his presence much like my own throughout the pyramid…though now I feel it a little less since you slew him. Perhaps he is spread throughout the pyramid much like myself.”

Which led us to wonder…perhaps we should take him alive next time we see him for answers and to be sure we are not “freeing him” by somehow slaying host bodies. We would not want to resurrect him as we plan to with the precocious talking head.

Vyrellis also seemed to feel that both her body and her remaining memory shard were somewhere above us, in another level of the pyramid.

Our next encounter led us into conflict with some animated druidic plants, and a massive boar. They lay in hiding among leafy brambles and bushes deep within a maze we found further within the pyramid. Fortunately whenever I see a maze I think TRAP! And sent my owlish familiar flitting up and over the maze unseen to report to us on the location of our would-be ambushers.

The mobile foliage and rather large pig were not prepared for their trap to be sprung upon them and we left much kindling and boar fertilizer to feed the less aggressive plants that made up the maze. During the battle a Hag with a horrid voice that made ones ears bleed to listen to her song was also laid to her eternal rest upon the battle ground despite her attempts to flee.

Alas neither gold nor magic’s were found upon the bodies of our enemies, though perhaps the lizard men with who we seem to have an uneasy truce, will appreciate our “cleaning up” the area?



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