A Storm Gathers

While the powerful bicker amongst themselves and the wise direct their gaze upon distant and mysterious minutiae, a secret doom festers in the remote backwaters of the world of Aeon. The ancient empire of the Irafani people has enjoyed hundreds of years of peace and prosperity, embraced by a mild, fertile land and yet guarded on all sides dangerous and hostile realms.

The peace of Irafan, however, grows fragile. Mysterious magical beasts crawl from the depths of Maelstrom Bay to prey upon quiet fishing communities. The alliance between the human rulers of Callon and the fey of Blackthorn Forest grows more strained by the day. The chaos churning in the broken remnants of mighty Mandor, where armies of undead war against twisted abberant beasts and demon hordes in a contest whose endgame eludes the best minds of the empire, threatens to spill over the borders. In the Mor Harund desert, armies of reptilian beings have banded together into a vast empire that has decimated the barbarian Gornish tribes and sent waves of desperate refugees flooding into the rustic, pastoral north. And deep within the heart of the empire itself, something twisted and evil grows within the desolate, mysterious ruins of the lost Moriven kingdom.

Beneath the fertile soil of Irafan germinate seeds whose fruit, if ever born, could destroy the multiverse and topple the gods themselves. Dark powers gather, searching, unseen by those who guard the land. The ozone laden breeze of the coming storm is felt only by a small group of unknown adventurers, mercenaries and misfits who have stumbled by chance upon a vast web of horrifying secrets.

Doom of Irafan

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